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Experience the Zinave National Park

Zinave National Park (400,000 ha) is situated between areas featuring wet tropical lands and the dry lands and plays a critical role within the Great Limpopo Transfrontier Conservation Area (10 million ha), which has been described as one of the world´s greatest animal kingdoms.

Species you can see

The big Five in the park


Explore remote
wilderness and
beautiful tree scenery

4x4 self-drive safari

The Park has an extensive network of roads to explore the wildlife rich core sanctuary area and a series of roads to the east and west of the sanctuary.

Bird watching

Along the miombo and mopane forest, birds of various species will show their colours in interesting birding hotspots centres.


Zinave is in the early stages of development with and basic tented overnight facilities at Tondo, situated on the Save River. The park has two rustic campsites: one at Baobab Camp and the Leadwood Campsite which can be accessed most times of the year. Visitors need to be completely self-sufficient for these campsites.

Tondo Camp

Beautiful sunrise and sunset outlook over the Save River, where visitors can seat on the deck of the self-catering communal facilities and watch hippos, crocodiles and migrating birds flying by. Read more+

Baobab Camping

Campsite situated to the east of the sanctuary within magnificent large stand of Baobab trees offering a truly iconic African setting. Read more+

Leadwood Campsite

Surrounded by Leadwood trees and is positioned in the center of the game abundant sanctuary area and nearby to various water holes which will offer excellent game sightings. Read more+


In 2018, a co-management technical financial agreement was signed between the National Administration for Conservation Areas (ANAC) and Peace Parks Foundation for a period of three years which focus on securing the landscape and ensuring the essential park management services are provided. Over recent years the Park has also benefitted from funding support towards Operating costs from the Biofund programme

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