Explore remote wilderness and beautiful tree scenery

Zinave lies within the Great Limpopo Transfrontier Conservation Area (GLTFCA) and forms part of an ancient wildlife corridor which is still used by migratory animals such as elephant, buffalo and various predator species.

The reintroduction of wildlife to Zinave National Park ensures excellent game viewing within the sanctuary area – over and above the offering of much sought after remote wilderness and beautiful treed scenery. Visitors will be attracted to the Save river, Zinave pan and various natural pans and water hole system within the Park where, over and above the reintroduced mammal species, rich birdlife and splendid photograph opportunities await.

With the planned reintroduction of rhino and lion in 2022 (although lion have already naturally migrated across the GLTFCA to the park), Zinave National Park will be the first national conservation area with the Big 5 and a viable rhino breeding population.